love letter – six

Dear love,

If you knew the moment of despair would feel so empty, so shattered, so full of fear would you ever go there? The moment where all is lost, your spirit broken, your breath bitter from your parched lips, unable to speak the hurt, the anger, the betrayal. Of course you wouldn’t, because we can’t go there until we ARE there. Until the shadows move up to consume the light. After the fight, the resistance to the situation of defeat, eventually the moment of surrender presents itself. And it will, whether it looks like how we thought or not, that instant will be there…waiting. For acceptance. Will you answer the call? YES…And then the rise will begin. The rise of your soul will know, it will know what you need, what you need to listen to, what you need to hear, who you need to surround yourself with, what you need to do. And it’s not a want, it’s a need to keep on filling up, moving forward, with passion, vigor, intensity, boldness and love. Love to bridge the shadows to the rise. Moments of recognition…worthiness and importance, love and kindness, truth and suspended eternity, waiting. Grab on, take hold, feel the flow of you. Your uniqueness, your ideas, your voice, your renewed passion for inspired action.

No. 6/52


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  1. Pam says:

    This is really beautiful.. and as I think 2016 was quite a year for many people, including myself, this will probably resonate with many others as it did with me. Facing things I was not “supposed to” or did not plan to… let’s rise.

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  2. Your word choice is amazing. You speak to me. I have recently experienced a change I would not have willingly stepped into, but now that I’m there, I must. I accept it and I’m beginning to feel the rise. Thank you for the beauty in your words! ❤

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  3. Marta says:

    The rise of your soul will know – beautiful! with every love letter, I fall more in love with the idea of LOVE itself. Thank you so much!

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