class schedule – march 2017


These past 2 weeks, while I’ve been off from teaching, I’ve spent some time noticing all of the happenings around Lloydminster. I found myself at the Lloydminster Co-op for groceries, and couldn’t help but stop at their kindness board and read all of the wonderful messages. I have been the recipient of so many random acts of kindness, and after reading that board that day, I wanted to get involved, but I didn’t know how.  UNTIL I sat down last night to plan out my week.

Classes start up again this week, and I’ve decided that all of my yoga classes for the month of March will be on a donation basis. At the end of the month, I would love to donate a portion of the money raised to ??? – suggestions are welcome! Pay what you can, what you’re comfortable with, where you are at. Donations aren’t necessarily monetary based…hugs work too!

I offer 2 classes/week, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:15 AM @ Divine Healing in Lloydminster. (see below for class descriptions)  Wherever you are at in your “yoga journey” – never done it, tried it a few times, regular “practicer” or seasoned yogi, it is my hope to build community and conversation, while offering a space where we can continue to create and build a connection with ourselves.

“Yoga is about moving the body, but it’s more than that…it’s like a calling, a beautiful dance in which the body tunes in, to allow the space for stillness, peace and steadiness in our minds and spirit.”

*Current pass holders are welcome to use passes, or put them on hold for the month.
*Do you need to register? Nope you don’t, just show up! If you’re coming for the first time, please stop by a little early to fill out a waiver form.
*Questions? Messaging me is probably the fastest, email works too!
*Know someone that may be interested in learning more about yoga? Please share!

Gentle Yoga – Wednesdays @ 9:15 AM

This gentle class was designed with attention to give the body, mind, and spirit a release and break from every day life, moving tension out of the body, with the main focus being on the hips and shoulders. We will explore the seven principles of a yoga class as we turn our attention inwards to deepen our loving connection with ourselves.

This class is a great complement to a busy life-style, perfect for all levels, but wonderful for a beginner looking for somewhere to begin their yogic journey.

Yin Yoga – Thursdays @ 9:15 AM

This slow and meditative class works on creating space internally and strength in our connective tissues, fascia, joints and ligaments physically. A sequence of poses completed on the floor, ranging from 8-10 poses are explored through the sixty minute practice. Not a lot of movement happens in a yin class but my hope is that the bigger shift happens on the inside.

Because our lives are so busy (yang), this yin class will help us to press that reset button. Often we are left feeling balanced, refreshed and inspired.

*Please note there are no classes March 29/30